Thank You To Our 2017 Sponsors!

Project 41 was birthed from a simple awareness event called the White As Snow Gala in January of 2014. Since then, the gala has become our biggest fundraiser and awareness event of the year. We invite you to come dressed in your best white cocktail attire and get ready to walk the red carpet with your partner or group as well as enjoy an intimate dinner and live music. 

But the gala is much more than getting dressed up to go to a dinner party, it’s an evening of purpose. It’s an event that offers hope to the lives of so many people who are trapped in the horrors of human trafficking. With 100,000 children estimated to be in the sex trade in America each year, it is clear that the total number of human trafficking victims in the U.S. reaches into the hundreds of thousands when both children and adults are considered. Victims have had their identities stolen and their voices silenced. Sex trafficking happens right here in our community and Project 41 is rising up to fight it. The darkness is real and the victims are real and we need everyone involved if we are going to end it.

Our Gala serves as a night when we stand together as a united front determined to give them back their lives and be their voice! We wear all white to symbolize the cleansing blood of Jesus and to represent that there is nothing he can't heal and make White As Snow!  All the proceeds from the evening will aid in the fight to end human trafficking in our community. Our goal is to raise funds in order to provide the very best aftercare which includes basic necessities, trauma-informed holistic therapy and housing.

Our founders Mackenzie Townsend and Lindsey Nadler will be speaking, along with special guests, will share with you the organizations accomplishments as well as what is planned for the coming year. You will hear stories about some of the victims Project 41 helps that are both heartbreaking and how, for the first time in a very long time, they are learning to have hope and to allow themselves to dream again.

YOU will be changed as you become part of the change for these survivors. Become a Project 41 partner and get involved today!

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