Project 41 believes in instilling self worth by surrounding survivors with new people, places and things in order for them to fully recover. Through the love of our valued community, business and church partners, survivors receive free medical care, trauma informed therapy, self care services, access to valid employment and mentorship. We want survivors to know they belong, are loved and not judged, and highly valued by the people in our city!

  • Friendtoring- Project 41 believes strongly in the power of relationship and community for the healing of the women we serve. It's our desire to surround these brave survivors with as many positive, godly men and women as possible. Our "friendtoring" program is a combination of mentorship and fun friendship that pairs residents with the influence and accountability they need.  These friendtors share meals, coffee dates, birthday parties and baby showers with the women they are serving.  These relationships become vital for the recovery of the women in our program. 

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