Esther's Academy- Esther’s Academy is Project 41's 12-18 month residential program for women in the sex industry and victims of sex trafficking. Our recovery program is designed to empower and equip them as they transition out of a life of darkness and into life of freedom that is truly changed and stable. The foundation of Esther's Academy is rooted in worship and a relationship with Jesus Christ in conjunction with a healing process facilitated by trained professionals.  

Through discipleship, mentorships, trauma informed therapy, bible study, life skill classes, education and access to viable employment  our program provides the women we serve with the tools necessary to break free from the destructive cycles and people controlling their lives. It’s the belief of Project 41 that just like Queen Esther of the Bible, each woman has an opportunity to turn her prison into a palace and become a new woman in Christ. We teach that by making brave choices, just like Esther, each woman is creating a new legacy and affecting generations to come. It’s the desire and prayer of Project 41 to see women transitioning into a new life because they find value in their worth in Christ and are seeking the life that God has for them. 

Esther's House- Esther's house is a recovery home for women in the sex industry. The program takes a woman that is actively being sold and moves her to complete and full freedom through trauma informed therapy, new community and our two phase program at Esther's Academy. Esther's House is designed to be a safe haven and a place for girls to receive healing and true change.