Rescue is our first point of contact with women in the sex industry and victims of sex trafficking. Properly identifying victims and getting them the resources they need away from the people and environments keeping them captive is crucial to their recovery. Project 41 does this in several different ways. 

  • Crisis Response Teams- Project 41 works closely with law enforcement and other service providers to be on call through our emergency hotline when victims are identified. We travel to the location of the intervention and conduct an assessment and begin case management and advocacy for the victim immediately. The location of these crisis intervention interviews can range from police departments, homes, hotels, jails and local juvenile halls. At this stage we begin to coordinate resources to meet the victims basic needs, such as shelter, clothing, food, medical services, and mental health care.


  • Emergency & Long Term Housing- Project 41 provides emergency and long term safe housing for adult women through it's 12-18 month residential program Esther's Academy. We also work in partnership with trained agencies and shelters in the case of DMST (domestic minor sex trafficking) in order to get children to safe and loving environments.


  • Outreach- Project 41 conducts weekly and monthly outreaches designed to reach out to women in the sex industry and victims of sex trafficking. Through outreaches to jails, hotels, and online monitoring of escort ads we are actively pursing the ONE and letting women and children know that there is a way out and a loving community that will support them through the recovery process.