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Precious woman, 

Are you or a friend currently working in the sex industry?  We just want to let you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 

Whether you are an internet model, exotic dancer, porn star, escort, outcall, or prostitute, we all have felt, at one time or another, that eventually someone always wants use/get something from us. 

In the beginning of sex work, we hide our feelings deep down inside of us to mask what we feel, because let’s face the truth; it’s a way to avoid feelings of shame and to cover up the pain.  

We become the greatest actresses of all time! Let us tell you something girls, one of the greatest lies that we can live is to tell others that we LOVE what we do for a living.  But the greatest of all lies is to actually believe that lie ourselves! 

We begin to deny that it is a bad profession. When you work in the sex industry, we tend to rationalize everything, don’t we?  

Yes, you like the money and you want to go to college, but do you love the way that the smelly, hairy men grab at you like you are some kind of object to abuse?  Although you’ve been hit, choked, and beaten while having sex, it’s not rape if he pays for it, right? 

You love your boyfriend, because he doesn’t mind what you do, at least that’s what he says anyway. Although your “boyfriend” has now started to live off of you, coerce, slap, and threaten you, he tells you that NO one will ever really love you because you are a sex worker. If you don’t go and “get that money” your relationship is on the rocks! 

Or how about this, you don’t want to let your others know, but your boyfriend is now a pimp, which means no money=no relationship. No freedom. No real money of your own. He controls everything from where you go, to what you wear, to who you talk to, and to what you do. 

But you won’t leave him, no matter how bad he treats you. You know that one day he will finally change, because you just need to prove your love for him and help him. He told you that you both will retire soon and live happily ever after, right? After all, just because he takes your money and beats you, doesn’t mean he doesn’t LOVE you…

You like how powerful it makes you feel to be in control of your “career” because you know that you can get in and out quick and no one will be the wiser that you ever were a sex worker. You DID say that you would only do it for a few months, or years, didn’t you? But time has flown by so fast! It’s now month/years down the road and you wonder what happened to the promise that you made with yourself to get out quick? Now you are STUCK. 

You say that you don’t feel anything and that it doesn’t really bother you to sleep with all kinds of different men, but for some reason, now you are partaking in recreational drugs to keep you “up” and ready with a good attitude while you work.  Your friends start to ask you if you are addicted. You claim that since you don’t do it several times a day, you’re not addicted, you’re merely doing it for recreation purposes. Besides, you’re against drugs! 

The day comes when you wake up at a dead end road, with your entire life shattered around you. You look in the mirror and ask yourself “Who am I, and how did I get here?” You are confused, lonely, but most of all desperate to find true love, happiness, and peace.  

Because to be honest, the REAL TRUTH is, that you cannot stand turning one more trick. You are tired and don’t want to even go to work anymore. You are depressed. Rejected. Beat down. Ashamed. Regretful. Sad. Broken. Fearful. Ready to give up and end it all.  

But you have no one, nothing, and nowhere to go. You are trapped within invisible bars and you don’t have a key to get out. 

So let’s be real with each other. We don’t like it one bit when it comes down to it, do we ladies? 

If you are at this place right now, please contact us.  God LOVES you so much and you are not alone! 

We are here to help you. To be your friend, pray for you, and help you find a way out. You are LOVED! 

Please email us at or you can call our hotline number at 318-406-1741 to get connected to the free resources and services we offer. Please fill out the form below and a Project 41 team member will contact you within 24 hours. We can't wait to meet you!

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