Project 41 is a Christian non-profit dedicated to rescue, value, and transform women in the sex industry and victims of sex trafficking. Founded on Luke 15:1-7, Project 41 is pursuing "the ones" lost and exploited by the commercial sex trade and leading them to full restoration in Jesus Christ.

Watch The Video To Hear From Founders Mackenzie Townsend & Lindsey Nadler For An In-Depth Look At Project 41 And Learn How You Can Get Involved. 

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Outreaches & Services

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Prison Ministry

Project 41 visits Ouachita Parish Correctional Center once a month during the chapel service and teaches an 8-week bible study three times a year. Each woman is given a bible, a hotline card, and hope for when she is released. Monitoring & Lead Formulation

A trained team of volunteers consistently monitors prevalent trafficking sites like and works with local law enforcement to prevent exploitation and rescue victims. 

Trauma Care & Counseling

Our ministry connects victims and survivors to vital services they may need like rehabilitation centers, mental health  counseling, medical care, housing, support groups, and sister ministries in different locations. 

 Esther's Academy

Esther’s Academy is a 12-18 month program for women in the sex industry and victims of sex trafficking designed to empower and equip them as they transition out of a life of darkness and into life of freedom that is truly changed and stable. Through biblical community, discipleship, mentorships, counseling, incentivized learning, and opportunties for employment, our program provides the women we serve with the tools necessary to break free from the destructive cycles and people controlling their lives. It’s the belief of Project 41 that just like Queen Esther of the Bible, each woman has an opportunity to turn her prison into a palace and become a new woman in Christ. We teach that by making brave choices, just like Esther, each woman is creating a new legacy and affecting generations to come


Esther's House

Esther's house is our year long residential program for women exiting the sex industry and survivors of sex trafficking. This is where participants in Esther's Academy live and thrive. Our program takes a woman that is actively being sold and moves her to complete and full freedom through trauma informed therapy, new community and our two phase program at Esther's Academy. Esther's House is designed to be a safe haven and a place for girls to receive healing and true change. While living at Esher's house residents learn valuable life skills, attend church, go to classes at Esther's Academy and  meet weekly with a Christian counselor.

Join The Prayer Team! 

Every week, dedicated volunteers intercede for survivors of trafficking and pray for revival to come to our city and nation. They work closely with Project 41 and know our most urgent needs. These individuals are on the forefront of the battle and there is always a high demand for people willing to go to our Father diligently. We believe this battle will be won through worship and prayer! If you are interested in joining the prayer team download the prayer guide and sign up below.