Project 41 exists to rescue, value, and transform women in the sex industry and victims of sex trafficking. 


 Sex trafficking is a multi-billion dollar, global industry and is the second fastest growing criminal enterprise next to the drug trade. It happens in every city, town and state, with an estimated 27 million victims worldwide. Because of social stigma and misinformation, victims go unidentified and misidentified, never receiving the help they need.

Here in our city, women and children are being sold as commodities for amusement and sexual pleasure every day. The sex industry thrives because there is a serious demand. Despite a growing social justice movement, the rate of exploitation has reached epidemic proportions. We exist to abolish exploitation in our city.

Project 41 is a non-profit organization that believes we can end sex trafficking and defeat this global giant by loving and fighting for the ONE. 




Find out about our organization, mission, programs and how we bring freedom to the one. 

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Ready to fight for freedom? You can become a modern day abolitionist in several different ways. Join us as we work to end sex trafficking one life at a time. 

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