Esther's house is a recovery home for women in the sex industry. The program takes a woman that is actively being sold and moves her to complete and full freedom through trauma informed therapy, new community and our two phase program at Esther's Academy. Esther's House is designed to be a safe haven and a place for girls to receive healing and true change. 

Safe and secure housing is the number one need for survivors of sex trafficking and is the number one need of Project 41. Our goal is to not only provide a safe and beautiful environment for women to heal but to make sure that their needs are taken care of and the house is properly maintained. This is the number one way you can join us in the fight for the one! Check out the following options below to find out how you can provide support. Whether its donating furniture, common household supplies, or giving financially, all greatly benefit the women we serve.  

Drop Off hours for all items are Monday & Friday from 9am-3pm. Please fill out the forms below or call our office at 318-537-9301 for more information

Donate Financially To Esther's House