What is Esther's Academy?

Esther’s Academy is a 12-18 month program for women in the sex industry and victims of sex trafficking designed to empower and equip them as they transition out of a life of darkness and into life of freedom that is truly changed and stable. The foundation of Esther's Academy is rooted in worship and a relationship with Jesus Christ in conjunction with a healing process facilitated by trained professionals.  

Through biblical community, discipleship, mentorships, counseling, bible study, classes and incentivized learning our program provides the women we serve with the tools necessary to break free from the destructive cycles and people controlling their lives. It’s the belief of Project 41 that just like Queen Esther of the Bible, each woman has an opportunity to turn her prison into a palace and become a new woman in Christ. We teach that by making brave choices, just like Esther, each woman is creating a new legacy and affecting generations to come. It’s the desire and prayer of Project 41 to see women transitioning into a new life because they find value in their worth in Christ and are seeking the life that God has for them. 

Upon enrolling in Esther's Academy and the initial intake process, we sit down with each student to goal set and dream again. After getting them connected to the resources they need we start the very hard but very rewarding work of healing. The power of choice is extremely important as well as meeting each student where they are and loving them through the process. Students attend weekly therapy sessions, meet with a sponsor and mentor and works through the different phases of Esther's Academy guided by trained trauma informed professionals and gifted teachers. After the first phase of Esther's Academy women are eligible for employment and work building jewelry for Laminin Designs by Missy Robertson. This is an incredible opportunity for them as we show them their worth and give them valid employment to meet their needs. At Project 41 we don't believe in giving a hand out but a hand up! 

What does each woman receive in our program?

Each student enrolled in Esther's Academy receives the following benefits:

  • Connections To Faith Based Housing
  • A Friendtor To Walk Through Life With
  • Free Medical Care (limited to OBGYN/Dental/Family Practice)
  • Weekly Trauma Informed Biblical Counseling
  • Monthly Drug Tests
  • Employment 
  • 12-18 Months of Equipping Via Esther's Academy Curriculum Which Uses A Variety of Different Resources. These include Bible study, life skills classes, emotional management, addiction recovery, financial planning, parenting, and coercion resieliency.
  • Financial Assistance. 
  • A Structured Schedule. Each student has a structured and well planned out schedule which consists of class, work, counseling, mentorships, celebrate recovery, church, and worship. 
  • New Community and Church Family

What are the biggest needs of Esther's Academy?

Esther's Academy is always in need of the following:

  • Gifted Teachers and Volunteers
  • Gift Card Drives-We ALWAYS need gift cards!
  • School and Office Supplies
  • Building Maintenance-this could be cleaning, landscaping, or supplying paper items 
  • Interns
  • Friendtors
  • Community Partners That Donate Services (Medical, Legal, Cosmetology, etc)
  • Prayer (Download the prayer guide)

How can someone get involved with Esther's Academy?

We encourage everyone to first pray and ask the Holy Spirit to lead them into their lane. Take a look at your strengths, gifting, and more importantly schedule to determine where you see yourself. One thing is of crucial importance to volunteering with us and that's consistency. No one can do everything but everyone can do SOMETHING! 

You can sign up to volunteer with us here.

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