One of the outreaches that makes Project 41 unique and set a part from other anti-trafficking agencies is our extensive training in data mining the internet for instances of trafficking, especially but not limited to Backpage is the world’s largest classified ad company, with sites in 431 U.S. cities and another 444 worldwide. According to Dawn Hawkins, executive director for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, Backpage posts one million sex ads a day. For more information you may find this article helpful: 9 Things You Need To Know about and Sex Trafficking.

In our city, back is where the majority of trafficking occurs. In order to prevent and rescue individuals from this horror, Project 41 has received extensive training from Brad Dennis of Called2Rescue.Org, one of the nations leaders in the search and rescue of missing and exploited children. We have formulated an intelligence collection and reporting team, which is centralized group of trained volunteers that identify potential human trafficking incidents and provide the necessary research and data collection to law enforcement officials. We work closely with local law enforcement to provided much needed data and resources to rescue women from sex trafficking and due diligence to make sure these victims are not lost in the system. This is our most preventative outreach and requires extensive training and trust from volunteers. Volunteers monitor backpage and other websites on a weekly basis and formulate leads for law enforcement to follow up on. Doing the ground work and scrolling through a large amount of information allows law enforcement to streamline their efforts, save time, and focus on bringing justice to our city. 

If you are interested in serving and becoming a member of our intelligence team please fill out the form below. This outreach is for females only. 

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